Anton Cole (song writer, guitar, vocals)

Anton is from a small town in central Vermont where he began playing guitar at age 11. Early influences included Beatles, Bob Dylan, and various blues/folk artists. Teen influences included AC/DC, Steve Miller, Tom Petty, the whole punk rock movement, and later moved in the direction of funk and reggae.

Anton started playing in bands at the age of 15. Although he played in several bands over the years such as Vermont top 40 cover band, The Fanatix, Massachusetts reggae band, New Horizon, and Seattle post grunge Suicide Jack, Anton’s drive has always been to compose genre defying, original music that borrows from all his life’s influences and experiences. There are three bands fronted by Anton over the years that stand out… Love Goat (1980- 1982), Anton Dub Band (1983- 1986), and Uproot (1986- 1998). During the Uproot era Anton shared billings with acts such as Bad Brains, Phish, Shinehead, Eek-A-Mouse, Les Tetes Broulee and others, as well as touring constantly up and down the east coast.

With the birth of his first child in 1999, Anton put music on hold to pursue a different career and raise a family. Now with career in place and family raised, Anton is back with RAINWALKERS!

Anton: “For me it is not about fame and fortune. It is about the pure love and joy of creating and sharing music. It is about getting back to the place that drew me to music as a child. When the world is full of love and color, or when its crashing down around me music has always been there for me like a constant companion”.